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<Read Before Posting> POSTING GUIDE

Post by megaman01 on Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:10 pm

Hey everyone, another read before posting guide. It is necessary that you read this. Read it properly, as it will help you greatly.


We have created multiple forums for all kinds of discussion. If you want to discuss, for example, minecraft, you should go to the PC GAMES or XBOX/PLAYSTATION GAMES subforum. The staff will browse through the discussion threads to ensure they are placed correctly. You will be warned if you place a thread in the wrong subforum, so be diligent! If you can't find the platform of the game you want to discuss, ask yourself this question. Was it made before 2005? If so, put it in the OLD GAMES subforum. If not, put it in the other games subforum. We will make more subforums if requested, give us a PM if you would like us to!


Here's a big one. Drama is something we always encounter. It was meant to be. Right now, we don't have a drama subforum. We might add it in the future. However, drama should be kept to a minimal. We will allow drama during debates since all debates are moderated by an administrator. Other drama though, should not be happening. This is a gaming website, so we don't expect much. If someone is harassing or bullying you, send and ADMINISTRATOR ONLY a PM (not moderators) with PICTURE evidence of a hateful message they send you, we will ban instantly. Bullying is not accepted in our community.


If you wish to start a conversation with someone, do it with private message. Not even in off-topic chat will we accept a thread involving a conversation between 2 people. We will warn both people in the conversation and we will delete the thread. Threads are supposed to include all people, not a specific group.


I know you all hate getting to this, but safety is a necessary thing. When we send you PMs claiming to be administrators, check our name and title. If the name is PURPLE and the title says ADMINISTRATOR or FORUM SUPPORT, listen to us. If we are regular users but claim to be admins, don't listen. We will never send a serious pm from a different account other that our main one. Same goes for moderators. Don't give out any personal info, especially your last name. I always use my first name, Andrew, and my last initial initial, G, when signing online forms. Don't give away your address, it's private info.


Last one, I promise. What we mean by pictures are screenshots from games. Once again, this is a GAMING website, not a social media site. Of course, you can be social in the chatbox, but things like selfies are considered scandalous. We will remove any personal photos posted as part of THE GAMING VORTEX privacy policy. Also, bad words in photos will also cause them to be removed. We will closely examine all posted photos.

Thanks for reading! If you've already read the rules, you are good to post! If you haven't go read them! If you don't follow them, consequences will come. PM any admin for more information.

Hope it helped,


Gamer Vortex Support Administrator

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